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About Sarai Bernice

Sarai Bernice is a Chicago born artist who uses dreams and the organic world as inspiration for her paintings.  She uses an Afro-surrealist lens to juxtapose biology with theory, drawing attention to political implications of her ancestral code.  Sarai's most recent project portrays concepts around the body as terrain, Earth as ancestor and ancestor as self.  Her interest in Black science fiction mixed with the somewhat nation-less feeling she has as a Black American has led to idealizing otherworldly imagery. Through travel, however, it became apparent that our Earth is actually very mysterious. Sarai latched onto these experiences through continued research and is creating a series that transforms science fiction back into Earth science; Earth science into an honoring of the ancestors.  As city dwellers, our culture has separated us from nature in such an alienating way, and her attempt is to reconnect us as inhabitants of our natural landscape. 

All of her work is available for purchase.  

Chicago area residents can contact artist directly for custom matting, framing, and delivery options for art that is ready to hang!

For custom work and commissions, email

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